Any good Realtor will run their practice like a small business, and after nearly two decades in the industry I began exploring going out on my own. However, I soon realized that even though I am autonomy-driven and a self-starter, I didn’t want to be “all alone”. Also, owning a brokerage, even a small one, doesn’t always make financial sense when you consider the cost and amount of energy it requires. There’s a reason why many larger and boutique brokerages charge high fees to hang your license—it’s because they have to!

Then I came across the perfect hybrid called The Real Brokerage and loved everything they had to offer including: an awesome agent community to collaborate with, cutting edge technology, incredible support, friendly splits, passive income, and the list goes on. The value of “Work Hard, Be Kind” is at the center of everything this company does, and aligns beautifully with the mission in my own life and practice. 

After convincing the leadership to allow me to open in Oregon, I assumed the role of Designated Broker for the state, and in less than two years, I had us opened in nearly every market in our region and helped grow and manage over 100 agents. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to create a space for agents like me who want to hang our license at an amazing firm that puts our needs first, so we can serve our clients at a higher level. It’s been a very action packed couple of years offering unimaginable growth and connections to so many amazing agents that I get to collaborate and learn alongside on the daily. 

I have since passed the reins of the Designated/Managing Broker role, allowing me to continue to focus on my client community, coaching and cheerleading other agents, and the Local brand. You could say I took the very long and arduous road to be here, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It allowed for the perfect path to create something way more special than I could have ever done on my own: Local + Real.

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