Being a part of someone’s life journey, often during times of significant change is a main feature of this thing called real estate. Megan, got in touch with me around May of this year to help her create a blueprint for the next chapter of life. All she wanted was a home of her own, a sanctuary for herself, kids and pup – a place of new beginnings that were joyful and light. I will admit that I felt the pressurere to protect not just her on the financial side of things, but also her heart.

In this line of work, I often witness the ebb and flow of life, with the goal of guiding clients over the finish line with a full heart and a smile on their face. Real estate transactions are rarely straightforward, but I try my best to lighten the load, simplify the complexities, and reduce stress, especially when other life changes are at play. My guiding questions are always, “How can I make this person’s life easier? How can I bring a smile to their face? How can I use my expertise to ensure they’re making the best decision?” It’s all about the client.

Megan’s dream was very specific, and in a perfect world would sit just west of the county line where you will find lower taxes making for a lower monthly mortgage, yet close to her kids’ school. She also wanted to be in her new home for the holidays (Oh, okay along with everyone else, but challenge accepted!) The path wasn’t easy. The waiting for the right home in a low inventory market, the uncertainty that what we were looking for was a bit of a needle in a haystack, the temptation to expand her search to less ideal areas – it was all part of her journey.

But when you’re ready and you know exactly what you want, combined with a little faith and manifestation, it’s crazy how the right opportunity appears. Just two weeks after checking all of the financial boxes and securing her pre-approval letter, Megan’s idea of the perfect home appeared on the market. It was everything she wanted – a place where her kids would be close to friends, a detached studio for her to resume creating and painting, a dedicated office space that wasn’t her bedroom or living room, a beautiful eat-in kitchen, all within the community they know and love.

Megan’s story is a testament to resilience and dedication, and I can’t wait to see her thrive in this new, exciting chapter of her story. Here’s to new beginnings and making dreams come true!

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Megan and family got local in SW Portland’s Ash Creek neighborhood with Erin Primrose.