After a long day at work or outdoor adventure, coming home to warmth creates a sense of comfort and coziness that helps reduce stress and promote relaxation. Our homes should give us feelings of security, contentment and being welcomed.

No matter what year your home was built here are some tips to keep your home cozy this winter:

  1. Seal any air leaks around windows and doors with weatherstripping or caulk to keep out drafts.
  2. Add insulation to attics, walls, and floors to keep heat inside the home.
  3. Use heavy curtains or blinds to block drafts and keep heat inside.
  4. Keep interior doors open to allow heat to circulate throughout the home.
  5. Use draft stoppers on the bottoms of doors to prevent cold air from entering.
  6. Close off rooms or vents in rooms that are not being used to redirect heat to the areas of the home that are occupied.
  7. Use space heaters with a thermostat to supplement heat in specific rooms or areas of the home.
  8. Run a humidifier to add moisture to the air, which can make the room feel warmer.
  9. Keep furniture away from radiators and vents to allow heat to circulate freely.
  10. Cook and bake to generate heat and use the oven light to add warmth to your home.

Remember to be safe when using space heaters, keep them away from flammable materials and make sure to use them with a thermostat to prevent overheating. Also, it’s recommended to have your heating system and fireplace serviced by a professional to ensure it’s running efficiently and safely.

Looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home? As an Earth Advantage Broker I can help guide you toward current incentives and contractors who can help you acheive highest performance for your home no matter the year built.

Have tips that work for you? Share in the comments below!