We pledge 5% of our earnings to local non-profit organizations in honor of the clients we work with.

We volunteer 100+ hours per year in service to our communities and the world around us.

We infuse at least 10% of our earnings into the local community through patronage, sponsorships and giveaways.

For 2023, we want your help in deciding which non-profit organizations to allocate resources to. We thought we would reinvent the wheel, but figured the folks at Willamette Week knew how to get it done via their annual Give Guide. The organizations featured have been fully vetted and categorized.

We are looking for 3-5 organizations to focus our efforts on this next year. Have a look at the guide and comment below on which ones you’d like to see benefit from the local gives project. For every commission earned we will donate on our client’s behalf and look for ways to support the the selected orgs.

Thanks for helping us give back and continue to build thriving communities!