Seven years ago, Carolyn,  family and I embarked on an exciting quest to find not just a house, but a true home. A place that embraced community, great amenities, and excellent schools. Our adventure led us through the heart of the city and to each suburb, but after exploring each corner it was the charming allure of Lake Oswego that captured the heart, guiding us to the perfect setting for life’s next stages.

Fast forward to about six months ago, a new dream emerged—a vacation home. Not just any vacation home, but one that promised family adventures by the water; a retreat close enough for frequent escapes yet far enough to feel like a genuine getaway. The idea of a floating home on the Multnomah Channel took center stage where they could pop their paddle boards in and be off for the day’s adventures. We explored, we admired, but in the end, the realities of maintenance and the care these unique homes demanded felt a bit like a project than paradise.

Recognizing the smart investment made in their primary residence, I suggested a bold move—why not sell and channel the vacation home budget into finding a primary residence that could double as their dream getaway? Skepticism turned into possibility as I crunched the numbers, revealing that the dream wasn’t so far-fetched. Our search shifted towards Lake Oswego homes with lake access, but the new constructions we found lacked the ‘wow’ factor despite their promise of low maintenance.

I then proposed an alternative: exploring remodeled homes with updated systems for that effortless lifestyle they yearned for. We took a brief pause during the holidays, only to discover a gem shortly after—a beautifully remodeled home with quick lake access. It was soooo gorgeous, but departure from the initial vision as it was more traditional than mod which sparked a mix of excitement and hesitation. However, before we could act, the home was off the market, leaving a tinge of disappointment mixed with relief.

Yet, fate had other plans. The home returned to the market due to a withdrawn offer, and we seized the opportunity. The charm, quality, and care of this home stood out, making it evident in person that this was ‘the one.’ Despite other interested buyers and an impending snowstorm threatening to complicate things, our perseverance (and a bit of luck with the weather keeping competitors at bay) paid off. We put together a strong offer with terms that felt right to Carolyn, and despite a competing offer, the home was ours, with the listing agent (insert shameless plug here) pointing to my effective communication and professionalism during the negotiation process being one of the reasons my client got the house 

The journey to closing was fraught with weather-induced delays, yet the cooperation and hard work from all parties involved made it possible to navigate these challenges swiftly. This chapter of #LakeLife for my client’s family is one I’m incredibly proud to have been part of. Their journey from dreaming to living their dream in Lake Oswego has been nothing short of inspiring, a testament to the power of adaptability, patience, and the importance of finding the right home that resonates with one’s lifestyle and aspirations – even when it might take a little more time and a lot of out-of-the-box thinking.

As they settle in, I’m reminded of the joy and fulfillment that comes from helping people I care for navigate the complexities of the real estate market to find their perfect place. Here’s to new beginnings, cherished memories, and so many amazing days on the lake.  

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Carolyn and family got local in Lake Oswego’s Palisades neighborhood with Erin Primrose.