Clutter in our physical space can actually weigh down our ability to achieve mental clarity and peace within our four walls. The first part of the new year is a great time to study our surroundings and repurpose or rehome items that aren’t adding to the aesthetics or function of our daily lives. 

Still holding on to things you know you just don’t need? It helps to sit in one room at a time and take notice of the items within it. What serves the space or brings joy? What doesn’t? It doesn’t have to happen all at once, but here are 5 places to start:

  1. Stuff! Time to go through that wardrobe and find the clothes that don’t fit, are too worn, or just don’t serve you anymore. If you’re holding onto those pre-baby jeans hoping for the day you’ll squeeze back into them, give yourself grace by letting them go and sourcing garments that feel good in the moment. If the kids are old enough, encourage them to go through their clothes, too. If you have piles of toys that no longer get played with or have grown out of, here are some tips to help them let go:
    Pro-tip: Turn your clothes on hangers in your closet facing the opposite direction you normally do. Once you’ve worn something, hang it back normally. By the end of 2023, you’ll know what you haven’t worn for an entire year, so you can find a new home for those clothes. When you do decide to embrace the Marie Kondo vibe, here are 33 places to donate your used but still wearable clothes. 
  1. Join a local Buy Nothing group: The Buy Nothing Project are hyperlocal, community-based groups that encourage gifting rather than buying what you need. People post Gives- free things they’d like to get rid of, or Asks- items they’re in search of. Buy Nothing is a great way to save money and feel good that your things will have a new home rather than going to a landfill or for-profit donation center.
  1. Subscriptions: It might be just a few dollars here and there, but those subscriptions add up! Check out your credit card statements and bills, and see what streaming channels, goody boxes, meal services, online classes or other subscriptions aren’t serving your needs anymore.
  2. Books, magazines, take out menus: Go through those side tables, bathrooms, junk drawer or what’s clipped to the fridge. Your favorite local eatery likely has its menu online, anyway! Donate old books to a Little Free Library in your area and recycle the magazines and menus.
  3. Pantry items: The new year is a great time to re-home food you and your family aren’t going to eat, especially if you’re trying to or planning to change your eating habits. Check expiration dates and donate unwanted items to a local food pantry. HERE is list of food pantries in your area. 

Have tips that work for you? Share in the comments below!