COR Disposal and Recycling

Back in 1996, Al Simpson embarked on a journey with a big dream tucked under his belt. After years of dedication at the City of Portland, he craved more – a chance to make a real difference. This led to the birth of COR Disposal and Recycling, not just any waste management company, but a beacon of sustainability and community empowerment right here in Portland, Oregon.

What makes COR stand out? It’s the proud legacy as the United States’ sole black-owned B-Corp in the waste sector. Al’s vision was clear: blend environmental responsibility with social equity, and sprinkle in a hearty dose of community spirit. And boy, did he deliver! From the get-go, COR was all about shaking things up, emphasizing diversity, and paving the way for people of color to find meaningful careers and grow in the recycling and waste management industry.

Being a Certified B Corporation, COR isn’t just about the bottom line. They’re proof that you can achieve profit with a purpose, leading with a commitment to sustainability that doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk. Through innovative waste solutions, they’re turning what was once considered waste into valuable resources, all while giving back to the community and keeping Portland green and gorgeous.

Al Simpson and his team at COR have crafted a model that shows how business can be a force for good – for the planet, the people, and the economy. They’re not just handling waste; they’re nurturing a movement, inspiring others in the sector and beyond to take a leaf out of their book. So here’s to COR Disposal and Recycling: transforming Portland one recycled item at a time, all with an unwavering spirit of inclusivity and care.

Image courtesy of COR

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